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What is UV and DTG Printers?

This is the time of revolution. Every industry changing rapidly. It gives modern equipment’s that simplify daily life. New trends call new technologies that produce extraordinary machinery. UV and DTG printer is one of the modern gadgets that change entire printing industry and effort that older technology demands. What is UV and DTG Printers? Today modern industry demand more complex output in printing industry UV and DTG printer is the solution for that demand.

In this article we will understand two such fascinating printers that actually changed the way we perceive printing. They are UV printers and DTG printers.


Ultraviolet printer uses ultraviolet radiations to print on flat surfaces. It is most advanced printing solution that can print on various materials, including plastic, metal, stone, leather, acrylic, etc.

The ultraviolet radiations cure ink while the printing gob is in operation. UV printing can be done on a variety of materials. That’s why modern industry is looking to implement this for production purpose.

Although UV printer is capable to print on flat surface only, but today it gets more development that ensure to print on cylinder also. UV printer is going to change the definition of printing process.


UV printer can provide high color saturation and accurate printing on surface. Ink used by UV printer gets cured instantly so it can print in more accurate manner and the ink do not spread on surface.

The amazing fact is that the ink is not absorbed into the surface but it stays outside of surface in hardened state. As the ink has very low absorb characteristic it has very low chance of chemical reaction on surface. It is very strong side of this printer. UV printer can be used on different types of surface. UV printer is echo friendly printer. This printer can perform quick printing job so it can provide more production than tadeonal printing technology.

The magic of UV print is it does not need any additional cover material on surface and the overall printing cost is very low. As the cost is low industry uses this printer. The print produced by UV printer is very glossy and eye catchy. Printing finishing is very good overall, we can say it is the future printing gadget of industry.

Pharmaceutical industry, food packing industry, uses this printing technology. Liquid ink applied on surface and UV led beam quickly dry the ink on surface that complete the task very quickly and accurately.   

Ultra Violet print has many strong points


Direct to garment or DTG printer the name suggests, DTG printers are used to print on garments directly. DTG printer print customized garments, especially t-shirts for consumers. DTG printer apply ink directly into the garments’ fibers, so it is not possible to feel or smear the ink when it is touched.


DTG printer can use verity type of colors. DTG print can apply print job on any garment, either on white garment or on color garment. Today, DTG printer can operated by pc’s and it can give any design on garment as per requirement of customer. .

  • DTG printing is eco-friendly. and it produce good quality print.
  • Low set-up costs also make DTG printing an attractive option.
  • Using DTG printing, there can be both mass production and short production runs.
  • It also saves time as the printing takes place fast.

Hope, you get some basic idea on UV and DTG printer. Actual concept is deeper than you have read here. We tried to give some overview of these two printers.

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