Interview Purpose

What is an interview? What is the purpose of an interview?

Learn the secrets of cracking any interview. Today we will discuss on a common topic, that is interview. We know it is very simple topic to discuss for those who have gone through that phase. We are presenting those topics to you. We are trying to help the beginners to succeed in their career.

The first thing is what is an INTERVIEW?

  • An interview is a conversation between two individuals or a group of people.
  • Questions are asked to find out if the applicant is suitable for the job.
  • The interview centers around one question. Why should I give this job to you?’

What is the purpose of an INTERVIEW?

An interview is two way conversation where both interviewer and interviewee try to understand each others requirements:

Interviewer wants to determine:

  • Will the candidate fit in company?
  • Can the candidate do the job?
  • Is the candidate best for the position offered?

Interviewee wants to determine:

  • will I get the job?
  • Can I do the job?
  • will the job give me new opportunity?
  • will the job help me in my career growth?

Final Words, Interview is not for getting panic. Be smart and confident to appear for the interview.Give your best and always remember that another good opportunity is waiting for you.

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