Computer Memory

What is computer memory?

Computer memory is storage area which hold data or instructions in computer system. for an example if you start media player it loads from secondary storage (HDD) to primary memory (RAM) then CPU execute the program and gives us output (Play video or music).

Before you start must remember memory units-

MemoryQuantityFull Form
1024 Bytes1 KBKilo Byte
1024 KB1 MBMega Byte
1024 MB1 GBGiga Byte
1024 GB1 TBTerra Byte
1024 TB1 PBPetta Byte
1024 PB1 EBExa Byte
1024 EB1 ZBZetta Byte
1024 ZB1 YBYotta Byte
More units are also there

What is difference between KB and Kb ?

Mostly in case of storage we uses the term KB. But in case of data transmission we uses Kb. KB means Kilo Byte and Kb means Kilo Bits. [ B=Byte (1 byte – 8000 bit ) | b=bit (1 bit – 1000 bit ) ].

Terminologies must need to remember-

Computer memory is divided into main (primary) memory and auxiliary (secondary) memory.

  • Primary Memory- Main memory holds instructions and data when a program is executing.
  • Secondary Memory- Secondary memory holds data and programs not currently in use and provides long-term storage.

The ability of storing data upon electric supply is divided into two types-

  • Volatile memory- Volatile memory is computer storage that only maintains its data while the device is powered. Ex- RAM
  • Non Volatile Memory- This memory does not lose content when power is lost. Ex- HDD

Memory Classification-


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