What is application software ?

What is Application software?

Application software is a set of programs designed to perform a specific task. Applications for desktop or laptop computers are called desktop applications, for mobile devices are called mobile apps.

Application software types–
  • Word Processor: It allows you to write a letter, create many other types of documents. Example- WordPad, MS-Word, Notepad, etc.
  • Spreadsheets: It allows to perform mathematical functions, tabular representation of data. Example-  MS Excel, Lotus Smart suites, Apple Numbers, etc.
  • Presentations: This apps are used to make presentations. Example- MS-PowerPoint, Presentation Graphics, etc.
  • Graphics Tools: Paint, Photoshop, CorelDraw, etc.
  • Web Browsers: It allows to access internet. Example- Chrome, Opera, Fire Fox, etc.

Utility software: not directly involved in productivity–

  • Antivirus: Norton, Avira, Quick heal, Microsoft Security Essential, etc.
  • System information: CPUZ, Hwinfo, PC Wizard etc.
Application Software Installation
  • Desktop or Laptop: Download software from internet and run setup file.
  • Mobile Device: Get apps from Play store or any other app stores.

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