What is Networking in computer

What is networking?

Networking: A network is a collection of two or more computers and associate devices through communication facilities(wire or wireless), it allows to share their resources. Computer network allows one device to share files as well as hardware resources. What is Networking in computer means computer devices connect each other using networking facilities.

Types of network explained-

There are mainly three kind of network LAN, MAN & WAN. But in modern networking concept only two types of network present to be implement, LAN and WAN. Perhaps more abbreviation present. Here you can find different network terminologies.

  1. Local area network (LAN)- Spread within a local area like within a room, in a building. or may spread within nearby buildings.
  2. Wireless LAN (WLAN)- Wireless technology is most popular in modern area. all network devices can establish communication using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology.
  3. Metropolitan area (MAN)– This network is spread in geographical boundary. generally limited to metropolitan cities. it is larger than LAN but smaller than WAN. Example- cable network.
  4. Wide area network (WAN)– This network is available from all over the world. all devices can connect each other from anywhere on glob. It is expensive and complex network. Example- Internet.
  5. Personal Area Network (PAN)- smallest network configuration established by single person. It is spread within a room or two.
  6. Storage Area Network (SAN)- it is special kind of network that ensure highspeed connectivity to storage medias.
  7. Virtual Private Network (VPN)- it is complex network design that has no physical connectivity. it uses special method that utilize present network infrastructure to establish a private network.

Internet vs Intranet

Intranet- Intranet is private network implemented in organization premises to share all resources within employs of that organization.

Internet-Internet is larger network in the world. this network is not owned by any organization nor managed by any one. it’s a network of networks.

How computer devices establish communication?

MAC: In a LAN all devices can share there resources with each other. To accomplish this network device uses MAC address. MAC address provide physical identity of device. LAN is based on Layer-2 so it only uses MAC for communication purpose.

IP: IP is internet Protocol, it provide logical identity of network derives (pc, Laptop, Printer, Mobile etc). IP address can be used on Layer-3 of OSI model. IP provide connectivity world wide basis.

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