Interview impression

Keep in your mind before attending an Interview

First Impression- It is the Last Impression

Interview is a drama where as a job seeker you are willing to sell your talent and time. Authority will check if they can teach you to to get maximum result oriented output from you. Are you a team player or if you have the capability to motivate others to achieve a goal in given time boundary. Always keep positive mindset towards job and responsibility.

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  • Greet interviewers (Good morning/afternoon/evening)
  • Establish a good relation.
  • Direct and sustained eye contact.
  • Make a good posture.
  • Be confident.
  • Well-groom & professional appearance.
  • During Handshake maintain eye contact.

Do’s and Don’ts of First Impression

Whenever you are on interview board keep some regulation in your mind. you have to show your manners abilities and commitment that must impress interviewer and gives positive impact about you.

woman holding clipboard

Try to build positive impression

  • A Smiling Face.
  • The Right Handshake
  • Self Introductions
  • Speak Clearly
  • Make Eye Contact
  • Give Brief Answers.
  • Be Truthful
  • Keep things professional

Interview Dress code– What to wear?

  • A simple shirt with trouser
  • shirt light colored, trouser dark
  • shirt properly trucked into the trouser
  • Wear formal shoe
  • Shave properly
  • Smell good, use deodorant
  • Clean Hands, cut nails & groomed
  • Well fit & non revealing cloths
  • Avoid transparent saris
  • Formal attire like sari, salwar, kurti, and laggings etc can be worn
  • Never wear heavy jewelry
  • avoid heavy makeup
  • Well maintained & trimmed nails with natural shade nail paint
  • Avoid sharp pointed heels

Effective Follow-up post interview & on table

  • Before interview ends, ask about the next steps in the process
  • Ask permission to connect by sms, call or WhatsApp
  • Ask for their business card
  • Do not unnecessary send message or call
  • Follow up with the front desk or the interviewer After few days
  • If you don’t hear back immediately, don’t assume the worst.
  • Remain confident in what you have to offer
  • Keep looking for the next opportunity

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