Win11 usb run no hdd

Install windows 11 on USB flash drive

Is there any way to run Windows 11 on a USB flash drive? this is common question among tech students. Many people want to install Windows 11 on USB flash drive. So that they can carry their PC with them. The portable version of windows 11 in a pen drive can be a good choice, If you are willing to work only on your system. It uses the concept of Windows ready to go. But unfortunately Windows 11 installation media does not support this features. Is there a way to install windows 11 on USB flash drive? yes, it is possible. In this article you will get instructions to install windows 11 on USB flash drive. After windows 11 installation onto your USB drive you can install any application software in it. Also you can save your files in USB drive. Finally you are free to carry your Windows 11 installed USB flash drive to any where any system.

Tutorial to Install windows 11 on USB flash drive

Step-1. Connect a USB drive of 16Gb or 32Gb (Recommended). Also download Windows 11 ISO to install.

Step-2. Download any third party software from internet. Here I’m using WinToUSB(official) | Download Full Version for this purpose.

Step 3. Browse and select Windows 11 ISO/DVD.

Step-4. After selecting Windows 11 ISO, it will search all instable OS version from ISO image. Select any one Windows 11 version from this window.

select os

Step-5 In this screen attached USB flash drive and select your device from dropdown many. Chose “MBR for BIOS and UEFU” then click on Yes.

win11 bios boot

Step-6. Now WinToBOOT will format your attached USB drive.

Step-7. Select installation mode

windows 11 installation mode

Step-8. After click on Next WintoBoot start Windows 11 installation. It will take some time to install Windows 11.

wintoboot running

Now you have successfully prepare your Windows 11 USB boot media. You can start Windows 11 using this USB flash drive. No hard disk required on the system.

Windows 11 USB boot and start your OS from USB flash drive.

Step-1. Reboot your system and configure system BIOS to boot from removable media/USB drive


Step-2. Now windows 11 is booting on your system. Complete initial configuration setup for first time boot.

windows 11 booting

Finally enjoy your windows 10 on a stick. Now you can install any software onto your personal windows. Also save your files in it. Use your USB drive on any computer to boot your personal windows 10 and enjoy your workspace.

Windows 11 USB Boot Tutorial Video

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