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How to start amazon delivery franchise

Amazon is one of the largest ecommerce company in the world. Amazon provide 3 million delivery in a single day. Amazon receives missive order confirmation each day from world wide. It is really a challenge to dispatch all orders to its customers. Amazon delivery partner fulfil the need of this demand. But there is a huge gap between amazon order and delivery. some time it takes longer time because one amazon delivery franchise provide bigger distance with less manpower. To solve this problem it need more cluster division based on pin code. To accomplish this amazon support this program and provide free amazon delivery franchise. In this article we will discuss about how to start amazon delivery franchise.

Amazon courier service

Amazon courier service fulfill most essential part of ecommerce business. it provide door step delivery service in a given time.

  • Free same day delivery
  • Free one day delivery
  • Free two day delivery
  • Free no rush shipping
  • Free scheduled delivery
  • Discounted express delivery
  • Discounted morning delivery

What is amazon delivery franchise?

Amazon courier franchise is known as Amazon Delivery Service Partner or DSP. As a DSP owner of amazon you can run amazon courier company with 50 to 100 employs including delivery boy, management staff. Main responsibilities of an amazon delivery partner is-

  • Door step product delivery.
  • Product Pickup service.
  • Cash collection in case of COD.

Amazon delivery franchise prerequisite

You must fulfill some criteria to obtain an amazon delivery franchise. Also you have to give required financial details of owner. Below are the details of requirement of delivery service point-

  1. Area or outlet space. it is required to store all shipments of your area. typically 150 to 250sqft of store room .
  2. Store location is at prime place.
  3. Employee including deliver person and managerial person. you will need 8 employs.
  4. Office room and computer/Laptop, Barcode reader, Printer.

How much cost it take to get amazon DSP

To get amazon delivery point you have to visit official site of Amazon DSP. from this official site you can apply for amazon delivery service point for your locality. The cost of amazon franchise is free. but you need 1.5laksh to run the courier service with store room, employee etc.

Amazon Delivery Partner registration

Amazon delivery franchise can be a good opportunity for you. You have to fill online form. Amazon does not charge any fee for proving DSP. Delivery Service Point can generate employment also.

Step-1: To take Amazon Delivery Service Point franchise visit: Click Here

Step-2: Click on Apply Now. It will take you to instruction popup page.

Step-3: Click on Create an account/Use an existing Account

In this window create an amazon account if you don’t have an account yet. If you have account just login

Step-4: Now fill the form. there are four steps. you have to carefully fill the form.

Step-5: Now wait 2 weeks. After verification work from amazon will confirm you and provide two weeks of DSP training, both in online and practical.

Amazon customer care number

For any query you can contact customer care here- 1800 3000 9009

Amazon DSP registration explained

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