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How to speak English fluently?

Everyone wishes to speak in English fluently. It enhances your personality. Wherever you want to work, study higher or willing to attend an Interview, you must be able to communicate in English. isn’t it? While conversing with anyone you may understand the language but you may find it difficult to express yourself.
That’s why we are here to train and guide you, how to communicate in English easily. Yes, you have heard it right, you can learn to speak English very easily. just follow some basic things to improve your English speaking skills. Most spoken English courses may also miss these important points.

Learn the C.B.L method of learning English language.

learn spoken English in advanced method. It is the most scientific way to learn English. Listen to English conversation. Conversations are more natural and easy to remember. C.B.L makes us learn a language through context. The 3 things that speeds up your learning skills are real, relevant and contextual (RRC). When you choose this method of learning, you learn it effortlessly. We show you the most simple ways to learn speaking English.

Tense- Generally you learn tense in a sentence structure way. It’s only the skeleton of tense for which you are not able to apply the proper tense while speaking or writing. Learn tenses with time line. We assure you would remember tenses forever and would be able to apply it effectively.

Markers- Sound very natural in English by using markers. (okay, sure, ofcourse, well, etc). When you use markers it sounds very natural, isn’t it? Let’s see a conversation

Rohit: Hi Virat! Can you lend me one hundred rupees it’s urgent. Virat- ofcourse, why n’t? Here you are.

Let me give you some easy ways of learning English

  1. Watch English movies/series. Always watch any move/series with English subtitle at first and then watch the same thing without subtitle.
  2. Always know your priorities. Why do we want to learn English? Obviously to score god marks, to get a job or to settle abroad. You must learn according to your priority rather than trying to be a perfectionist in English.
  3. Record your conversation and listen. You can self-correct yourself.
  4. Spoken English course can also improve your English.

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