How to hack Facebook ID spoofing a site

Now we will see how hackers hack your personal account like Facebook, Bank account, etc. Entry level hackers uses spoofing technique to hack any account. in this method hacker creates exact copy of the target site with unique IP address on other server. now hacker target persons like you and send a small code inform of email attachment, download link, or in other form. if someone click on that code it will change your hosts file on your computer and redirect you to hackers server instead of original site(Facebook/Bank site). there you enter your login credentials you are almost vulnerable.

Spoofing Code Example

@echo off
echo >> C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts.txt

Infect target system

The above code will modify your computers hosts file and if you want to visit facebook or other site in your browser, you will be redirected to the IP address where the attacker has spoofed and hosted the site. Hackers can spread this code in form of some attractive clickable element. they can change the icon pattern that may look trusty. Hacker may attach this file in mail, or can spread using removable drive.

Final Words- Never click or run unknown program received from untrusted source. never response or open given links in unknown emails etc..

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