How to earn online

How to earn money online from home in India

With out doing smart and hard work you cannot make money online, yes it’s true, It’s not a magic. You can use internet and your skill to make wealth for you. There are several ways in internet to make money online from home. In this article you will learn how to earn money online from home in India.

Keep in your mind

  • In internet you will find lots of data entry job. But most data entry job providers are making scam. don’t waste your time & money in such job.
  • Some site claims to give membership and provides ad showing and clicking, referral work opportunities, Is another wrong way to wast time.
  • Networking marketing is one way in internet but most time with wrong products and not provides value for money deals.

How to earn money online, follow below topics.

  1. Become an Online trainer/coach- Today online teaching job is most popular due to Covid-19. students also demands online tuition.

As a trainer you can chose two different way to teach online. Either you go live and teach your students or you prepare your course material in form of video/Notes and make it available for students on online, in this way any one can purchases your course and will get quit smart earning.

2. Become a freelancer- If you have good skill of Designing, Web Development, Programming, Marketing then you can chose this option. you need to learn some new skills for the particular job.

You need to provide very good quality output for your client. then only you will survive in this field. you need to prepare your profile best and you need to do marketing also. there are some site will gives you good quality client but with fees.

3. Earn online money from YouTube- Yes there are many peoples their who earn money from this video platform. You can also make earning from this platform.

But it’s not so easy that it looks like. there are many publishers publish tons of video content each minute. you will only earn some bucks if advertiser advertise there product on your channel. Today most performing segment that you can hit is either you can make really useful videos or funny entertainment videos. you need to update your video editing skills.

4. Stock market trading- if you have chosen freelancing or YouTube then you not need to spend any money. But Trading required some money and skills and knowledge of market.

This market is looks like gold and shows you can earn huge. But it’s not. We always recommend to start with a little money and research a lot. If you cat take advice of experts then only you can book some profit against your trade.

5. Start Blogging or content writing- Yes it is another way to make some money from online. it takes long to get success. you have to utilize you skill and give your earned knowledge to the world.

In case of content writing, you can make instant money if you write for others. but if you write for your own then it will gives you slow but steady earning. To shine in this market you need to enhance your web skills and need to learn about this.

6. Earn from Facebook or Instagram- These platforms can give you unlimited earning opportunities. It is most used social platform to advertise your content to millions of people.

You can’t imagine how much charges one admin or influencer charges for one post or tweet. i’m not saying about paid advertisement. but in social media pages that content millions of followers are first target of companies who are willing to advertise their product.

7. Domain buy & Sell- It is one big aspect of online earning. Many peoples are doing this job. It is easy like buy some well named domain and sell that when demand raised.

But if you look into the deep inside this industry you will find mind blowing figure of selling price. Buyer looks either well named domain which is their personal need or looks for a domain name which has well numbers of visitors. if domain content huge volume visitors then the price is also touch the sky.

8. Affiliate marketing- Big companies gives some percentage on product selling to the promoter of the product. it’s called affiliate marketing. Amazon, Godaddy like most big companies promote their products through affiliations. You can take affiliate permission form such companies and can earn some money by promoting their products.

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