How to earn money from amazon

How to earn money from amazon. The best answer of this question is “Amazon associates”. The concept is, if you have a blog or website then you can take advantage of amazon associate program. Simply you register on amazon associates program get instant approval and share product links in your site. If some one make porches using the link you have recommended then you will get commission. It is the main concept of amazon associates program. In this article yo will get clear concept of earning from amazon affiliate program. Please read step-by-step guide to become amazon associates partner.

Amazon associate program rules and requirement

Amazon associate program is great platform to monetize your site. But you need to know some basic rules and requirements that is essential to be a successful amazon affiliate marketer.

  • You must disclose that you may eligible to earn from amazon for recommending amazon products.
  • Do not directly disclose product price as it is dynamic. Price can be change time to time.
  • Do not false claim in your recommendation.
  • Use only your web site or media to promote your recommendation that you have given to amazon associate program.
  • Use of Link shorteners are not allowed.
  • For complete guideline you may check amazon official site- Amazon affiliate policy

How to become amazon affiliate partner?

Create your website or Blog

Blog or your website is preliminary requirement of amazon affiliate program. You may create your web site on any hosting provider, also you can purchase professional domain name also. But as a beginner you may consider free platform to start with. Either you can go for blogger or WordPress platform. Blogger is most easy if you are starting from beginning. Sign-in using your google account navigate to Blogger from upper right corner. here create a blog and take a free subdomain name under

Blogger site

Sign Up for Amazon Associate program

Step-1 Open official web site of Amazon Associate program- Click Here

amazon associate program

Step-2 Create a new account or login with your existing Amazon Account

create amazon account

STEP-3 Fill the entire form. Enter your Name, address etc.

Step-4 Provide your Web site address or blog address here.

Step-5 Give any name to create your store ID

Amazon store ID

Step-6 Explain which products you wish to promote & What is your traffic source

Step-7 Generate amazon product link and share in your blog

Step-8 Congratulations your account has been created successfully

Get complete information of Amazon associate program

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