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How to create Windows 11 bootable USB drive

In this article i am going to show you, How to create Windows 11 bootable USB drive. Windows 11 is latest operating system from the house of Microsoft. Today most branded PC’s and Laptop are coming without CD or DVD drive. To install Operating system in a PC or laptop you need a bootable USB drive. For this, I’m showing you, how you can made a bootable pen drive of wnidows 11.

Requirements to make a bootable USB drive

  • Windows 11 DVD or ISO image
  • One USB drive. recommended 16GB or higher.
  • Third party bootable software. Example- Rufus
  • You can also use CMD commands.

Make Windows 11 bootable USB drive using Rufus

Step-1. Download Rufus utility software from official website.

Step-2. Run Rufus application in PC

Step-1. Brows and select your Windows 11 ISO image. Set partition scheme MBR. Give a suitable volume label. Click Start

Step by Step tutorial

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