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How to Create a Virus Using Batch File?

Batch file programming is some set of commands which execute automatically upon trigger. batch files can be used to automate many tasks such as opening multi links at once, automatically cleaning your computer, speed up your PC, deleting temporary files, Display a message and other many things. batch files can be dangerous if misused, also can make damage your PC. here we will see some example commands on batch file that automate useful works.

Example Batch code [ Create tons of folder on desktop ]

Batch CommandCommand explained
@echo off
goto loop
‘@echo off’ – means will not prompt any message.
:loop – for repeat task
‘md %RANDOM%’ – create folders with random name.
‘goto loop’ – repeat folder creation.

Create your first batch file

Step 1: Open a text editor Open a text editor such as Notepad on your Windows computer. You can find Notepad by searching for it in the Start menu.

Step 2: Start the batch file In the text editor, start your batch file by entering DOS commands.

Final Words,

This code will create end less file on current location. it can damage your system. do not run this file. It is only for education purpose. Remember to exercise caution when running batch files obtained from external sources, as they can execute commands on your computer. It’s always recommended to review the content of a batch file before running it to ensure it’s safe and does what you expect.

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