How to Create a Bootable USB drive using CMD or Bootable software

If you purchases a new PC or laptop, it may comes with preloaded other OS that you may not want to use. Also if you have installed OS in your PC but there is critical system failure or dangerous virus attack, in that case you need to install a clean version or repair using boot media.
Today most system comes without CD/DVD drive. You must use a Flash Drive to install Operating System. This can be done using your own PC or other third-party utilities.

Method-1 DOS command to make a pendrive bootable.

  1. Connect your USB drive (4Gb or higher) to your compute
  2. Open start menu, search CMD, right-click, and click run as administrator.
  3. Type “diskpart” and press enter. It will start windows inbuilt disk part utility which is used to manage the storage system.
  4. In the new diskpart window, type “list disk” and hit Enter.
  5. Check your connected USB drive identity ( Here- Disk 2 ). Enter command “select disk 2
  6. Enter command “clean” to erase all pendrive data.
  7. If required convert disk to MBR or GPT. type “convert mbr” for below Windows7, otherwise type “convert gpt” for Windows 8 onward, with more than 2TB HDD.
  8. Type “create partition primary” and hit Enter.
  9. Type “select partition 1” and hit Enter.
  10. Now, type “active” and hit Enter.
  11. Now you have to type “format fs=ntfs quick” and hit Enter
  12. Now type “Exit” to exit from Diskpart utility.
  13. Now copy entire content of OS from ISO or DVD. for command prompt Type “xcopy \source-location \destination usb” check path manually.

Method-2 Third party utility program.

Most hardware engineer prefer Rufus tool to make a bootable USB. it is clean and easy to use. follow below instruction to make a USB Drive bootable.

  • Download Rufus Latest: Click Here
  • Check auto select USB under Device.
  • Click on SELECT and browse your operating system ISO or DVD.
  • Partition scheme MBR or DBR.
  • File system chose NTFS.
  • Click on START.

Wait until copy complete and color turned into green. Now remove your USB drive and start windows installation on any PC or Laptop.

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