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HLOOKUP formula in Excel

HLOOKUP formula in excel is great function to retrieve value from specified table. HLOOKUP or Horizontal Lookup is excel function is used to search data horizontally, means row wise and return value from same column based on index_number.

SYNTAX- HLOOKUP( value, table, index_number, [approximate_match] )

  • Value- the value have to search from top row of table.
  • Table- Range of row and column.
  • Index_number- the row number from which data to be shown.
  • Exact/Approximate_match- False means Value must exact meet. True means approximate match.

HLOOKUP PRACTICAL EXAMPLE- From below given example of product order system, we need to enter Order ID in in Cell no. C7, HLOOKUP will find complete detail information of order from sheet and show result.

How HLOOKUP works?

HLOOKUP search value from first row of table (here order ID’s). Then we specify total table area(A!:F$) from where to search for the data. After that specify row number (2 to 4) as number 1 row is for order ID. Last thing is to specify exact match (value-0) will search and display exact row value as given order ID or Approximate match (value-1) will display nearest value as entered order ID not present in data sheet.

Open Spreadsheet for practice: CLICK HERE

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