Google AdSense Quick approval tricks

Google AdSense Quick approval trick

You are on this page means you are looking to approve your website or blog on google AdSense. Google AdSense is worlds best ad monetization network. you can use AdSense to earn real money in your bank account. To work with AdSense you need only passion and knowledge to give some value in any content. Whether you are using a “Blog” website or video platform “YouTube”. Here I am going to reveal some essential tips for Google AdSense quick approval trick. These process you can apply on your blog or website to get quick AdSense approval by AdSense publisher network. Here I am discussing AdSense approval trick for blog content or website.

Google AdSense Approval official process

Google AdSense Quick approval trick
  • You need to be 18 years old
  • You need an active Gmail ID
  • Create a blog or website that meet all google terms of services
  • Now login with a Gmail account and Sign up for an Google AdSense account
  • Login to your AdSense account and get verification code
  • Add the AdSense code in header of your web site, alternatively you can use google site kit for the same.
  • Apply for AdSense approval
  • Now Wait for 1-2 weeks for review & approval

Why I am using Google AdSense on my Website?

AdSense is worlds most popular Ad network. Here I am explaining main reason why I am using AdSense rather than other ads network.

  1. High Filtrate (ads will shown to all visitor and never get “Default” ads) that’s mean you get higher chance to make money
  2. Good CPC (Click Per Cost is good enough depend on your visitors location)
  3. Get Higher CPM (Cost per 1000 impression) if your visitors have personalize ads
  4. Good CTR (Click Through Rate) Number of ad click divided by ad impression

Here is the key points that you may follow to get approved by AdSense on any site. Critical things that need to fix on your blog for approval of Google AdSense.

Design Your Website properly

Design Your Website properly

You need a website to apply for google AdSense. I always prefer WordPress rather than Because WordPress provide more flexibility to design a site. You can chose site too, But to modify a BlogSpot site you need to do more hard work. Whatever platform you may use but design your site simple and user friendly. Give proper navigation options on your site. Some important points for Google AdSense quick approval trick.

  • Main Navigation Bar

It is main navigation section of your site. You need to place main navigation bar on site, Normally Main nav bar placed below site’s title, but you can place it anywhere, depend on your sites’ template. but main point that I want to says you must place MAIN NAV, and you must place your Main tag/Category on main NAV.

  • Sidebar

Sidebar plays a vital role on your site. Many people says, this won’t be the cause why their AdSense rejected, But I think sidebar plays a big role to get quick approval on AdSense. Google team will inspect every aspect on your site to choose where the great place to shown their ads when your sites approved by AdSense, so keep in mind to give a proper space for google add in sidebar. If there is no sidebar or it looks bad then, your chance to be rejected will be higher. That’s why I am suggesting you to add a sidebar in your site.

  • Footer Navigation (optional)

Although it is not necessary to have a footer page on all site, but if you have it. you must fill it with contact, about, TOS, and privacy policy menus.

Create and Publish Essential Pages

After designing your site you need to add basic pages in your website. Contact page, About Page, Policy Page, Terms & Conditions Page, will make your website more trustable and professional. These are the main things to be consider as a good site. But it depend site to site. Like, If you run a normal article site, you only need to have all those pages but without TOS page, But if you are running a service website or required users to login into your sites, you need TOS page, That’s it. Also consider to follow publisher policies that changes time to time. Take a look of the pages,

  • Contact Page

Many people don’t take it seriously. Contact page plays a vital role to consider your site authentic. At least you must place your working email on that page, to make the website seems legit on google AdSense, Also give your exact location that can pinned down by google AdSense on maps. Contact form also plays a vital role, so I suggest you to add a contact form on this page. If you not place a legit contact page then the chance to rejected by google will increase.

  • About Page

About page is essential page, you must disclose what about is your site here. You can write this page in any regional language. Without this page google may consider your site not good to show their add.

  • Privacy Policy

It is also another important page to declear privacy policy of your site. I always recommend you to write your own privacy policy. Never copy this kind of pages from other website. As a beginner you can take help some page generator. But mint it to read and alter policies that meats your requirements.

  • Terms of Services (TOS)

Terms of Services is essential if you are running a website to offer services or selling goods. Also taking user information’s using forms or offering a register or login facilities. In this case TOS is mandatory page.

Publish Quality Contents

After creating your site with appropriate design and basic pages, you need to publish quality article or blog post. It is man thing of blog. You have to do continues work for this. Always keep your blog up to date. Before publishing quality content never apply for adsense approval.

  • Frequently publish blog contents

Content is king in the world of blogging. You need to publish original quality contents in your site. Always remember to add relevant contents in your site that meet your blog niche. publish minimum 1 Post each day. Yes it is really difficult task if you are lazy. But there is a solution, you can take some content idea from non AdSense approved websites. If you regularly publish post then there is more chance to get approved by google AdSense.

  • Don’t Copy content from other site

Do not publish copied content from other site. As a beginner you may think there is almost all topics are covered on internet, how you can find new topic. What i am willing to say is your content may same as present on internet but writing style, content value, images etc. are unique. and must put extra value and effort in your article.

  • Produce Unique and interesting content

Google always index unique and proper pages and sites to show on search result. If your content is copied from another site then google will simply ignore it, thus chance of AdSense request will be declined. So always produce unique contents for your visitors. If people love to visit your site and get interesting and valuable content on your site google will rank up it and chance of approval will also increased.

  • Make content SEO friendly

It is little bit advanced point. As a beginner you keep some key points while you are writing your post. Latter I will give you more practical details on it.

  1. Word Count: Write at least 300 words blog content for your post.
  2. Use Image: Always use relative copyright free images or your own created images on you site. Don’t forget to add ALT TAG in your image.
  3. Proper Heading: Consider relative heading that meet your keywords.
  4. Link Building: It is necessary to add relevant internal and external link.
  5. FAQ’s: Add frequently asked questions at bottom of your site.
  • Publish content during AdSense Verification

Ok, you have fixed all necessary changes in your site, It is not the end, now you need to give more values in your site to appear more legit. What action you can take? You need to update your site regularly. Publish new content after submitting your site for adsense approval. Honestly speaking I have got adsense approval with only 6 post site.

Follow this to avoid AdSense rejection

  • Low value content

Again telling you never ever copy content from other site. or avoid to make site which content is common for all site on internet. Also must publish quality content with more than 300 word count. Try to apply for adsense after publishing 25 posts on your blog.

  • Page Visitors

You must have visitors every day. If it is organic traffic it is best for google adsense. You can also get traffic from social media. You can easily achieve it, we will discuss it on other post.

  • Domain Name

Make your sites more legit, use domain name that is not more than 8 character + have at least 5 month indexed on google. This means is not that more than 8 character site will never approved by google. What i am willing to say if your domain name (TLD or CC-TLD not counted) less character then it is good to remember also good for AdSense approval. Some time google consider age of indexing also. Some time I received approval within 2 month also.

  • Blog or Website Performance

If you are beginner then you can consider Blogger platform. It is google own platform with powerful servers behind it. But I suggest you to go for a hosting service to get better result. Today you will get more options on WordPress platform. It offer more flexibility and features. Good performance and well structured web site plays well in term of google AdSense approval.

If you done all of this, now you can submit your sites to google AdSense.

AdSense monetization & Payment system

AdSense monetization & Payment

Google will transfer your payment when you meet 100$ threshold on your account. You can earn this amount from single website or from different site or blog. Each month on 21st google will send you money to your linked bank account.

Conclusion Google AdSense Quick approval trick

I think that’s all my explanation about how to get approved by AdSense quickly. I tested these through 2021 and received very good result. My most site got approved by Team google. So never get disappointed do your best, keep focus on your work. practice as I say on this article you will definitely get google AdSense approval on you site.

FAQs AdSense approval

Q1. How long it will take to approve my blog on google AdSense network?

It may take two week. some time it may take little longer time.

Q2. What is most important to get google AdSense approval?

Your site must meet AdSense terms of services and at least two month old site and have regular visitors on it.

How many visitors required for adsense approval?

There are no minimum visitors required for adsense approval. But if you have regular traffic then chance of adsense approval is also high.

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