GeneratePress Premium WordPress Theme Free Download Latest Version v2.3.1

About GeneratePress Premium WordPress Theme Latest Version Free Download.
GeneratePress Premium WordPress Theme Free Download– GP Premium is one of the most popular multi-purpose WordPress theme, As a website designer you can use this theme for any kind of website. GeneratePress has Pro version, GP Premium plugin takes your site to the next level by adding premium modules support. With this GP Premium theme you can build unique layout design and stunning website.
GeneratePress comes with inbuild customization facility which you can use to design your site unique. You can customize every single section of the theme. Also GP Premium theme support almost all page builders including Elementor. GeneratePress also support 25+ pre-build layouts that you can import from WordPress dashboard.

Core Features of GeneratePress Premium WordPress Theme

  • Free & Open source
  • Responsive design
  • Lightweight and clean codes
  • 100% Page Speed score
  • Focused on performance
  • Highly secure and stable
  • Optimized for search engine
  • Schema markup
  • Secondary Nav
  • Mobile Header
  • 25+ ready to use template
  • Beautiful typography options
  • WooCommerce support
  • Off-Canvas Panel
  • Sticky navigation menu
  • Padding and margin settings option
  • Infinite scroll supported
  • Featured image support with custom settings
  • Six layout options
  • Post formats options support – Standard, Aside, Image, Video, Quote, Link, and Status
  • Custom hooks and headers
  • Modules customization support
  • Real-time customization support
  • Trusted by 90,000+ happy customers

GeneratePress WordPress theme Demo and costing

GeneratePress WordPress theme Demo and costing

What is New in GeneratePress Premium v2.3.1 – Changelog

  • Fix: Block widths inside Block Elements
  • Fix: SelectSearch component infinite loop
  • Feature: Add Search Modal Element type
  • Fix: Inline post meta feature in GenerateBlocks 1.7
  • Fix: Close “Choose Element Type” modal with ESC key
  • Fix: Replace WooCommerce secondary image attachment size
  • Fix: WP Filesystem error missing credentials
  • Fix: Undefined array keys in dynamic Container URL
  • Fix: Author avatar in Header/Block Element titles
  • Fix: Infinite loop error when autosaving with dynamic content block
  • Fix: Add aria-label to off-canvas panel button
  • Fix: WooCommerce button dynamic typography
  • Fix: Empty WooCommerce quantity fields
  • Fix: PHP 8.1 notice using disable elements in Customizer
  • Tweak: Improve license key area
  • Tweak: Improve off-canvas transitions
  • Tweak: Check for WooCommerce functions
  • Tweak: Open off-canvas using space bar
  • Tweak: Use image ID in mobile header/sticky nav logos
  • Tweak: Improve Elements hook selection dropdown UI
  • Tweak: Add site library check for min GenerateBlocks version
  • Tweak: Add Loop Template to Custom Post Type dropdown filters

You may download Astra Pro: Download Astra Pro Free

GeneratePress Premium v2.3.1 – Changelog

  • Menu Plus: Fix mobile header sticky auto hide
  • Site Library: Fix broken CSS variables on import

GeneratePress Premium v2.3.1 – Changelog

Blog: Fix masonry JS error if no archive pagination exists

  • Blog: Fix full width featured blog column
  • Colors: Deprecate module if using GP 3.1.0
  • Elements: Add custom class option to dynamic image block
  • Elements: Add support for post_type array in display rules
  • Elements: Fix container link option when targeting next/previous posts
  • Menu Plus: Integrate off-canvas panel with new dynamic typography system
  • Menu Plus: Integrate off-canvas panel with new color system
  • Menu Plus: Integrate mobile header HTML attributes with new HTML attribute system
  • Menu Plus: Integrate mobile header and off-canvas panel with new generate_has_active_menu filter
  • Menu Plus: Fix broken inline CSS when using floated sticky navigation
  • Menu Plus: Add logo dimensions to navigation logo
  • Secondary Navigation: Integrate with new color system
  • Secondary Navigation: Integrate with new generate_has_active_menu filter
  • Secondary Navigation: Integrate with new dynamic typography system
  • Secondary Navigation: Reduce box-shadow to match main navigation
  • Secondary Navigation: Change direction of sub-menu box-shadow when opening left
  • Secondary Navigation: Fix sub-menu overlap when using dropdown click/mobile
  • Secondary Navigation: Replace box-shadow with border-bottom when sub-menu opens down
  • Site Library: Add site author attribution
  • Typography: Deprecate module if using dynamic typography in GP 3.1.0
  • WooCommerce: Integrate with new dynamic typography system
  • WooCommerce: Integrate with new colors system
  • WooCommerce: Remove category title/description if using page hero with title disabled
  • WooCommerce: Remove “speak” CSS properties
  • WooCommerce: Fix empty continue shopping link on mobile
  • WooCommerce: Fix persistent sticky add to cart panel
  • General: Integrate with new GP 3.1.0 Dashboard
  • General: Remove featured-image-active body class if featured image is disabled
  • General: Change date format in exported JSON filename
  • General: Fix PHP error when license key activation returns 403

Download Free GeneratePress v3.0.2 (Free Version) – Responsive WordPress Theme

You can freely use it on your wordpress site. To download latest version of GeneratePress theme click on below official theme download section.

Free Download GeneratePress Premium v2.3.2 GPL/Nulled bundle

Here you can download clean version of GP Premium bundle. we ensure virus free code.

GeneratePress Premium Installation Guide

Upload and install the theme as plugins not as a theme. After installing the GP Premium plugin, Activate it. That’s all. Now the GP Premium plugin will activate the theme.

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    Theme installation failed.

    what to do then?

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