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Apply Online Fino Payment Bank CSP- What is Fino Payments Bank and how to become a Finno Payment Bank CSP Agent? By opening FINO PAYMENT BANK CSP in your location, you can earn 10 to 20000 per month. If you want to know open a fino CSP then here you will get complete information about it. With which you will be able to easily open a Fino Payment Bank CSP, read below for complete information.


By becoming a Fino Payments Bank Mitra, you can provide all services of FINO PAYMENT BANK in your rural or urban area. FINO PAYMENT BANK CSP provides almost all types of financial services to its customers. With FINO PAYMENT BANK CSP you can open accounts of customers, deposit money in their bank account and withdraw money from their bank account. Also, you can provide, all types of bill payments, mobile recharge, insurance payments, banking loan services and many other services from Fino CSP.

You can provide all these services to people only through your FINO PAYMENT BANK CSP. You can open FINO PAYMENT BANK CSP in any rural or urban area. For this you need some documents, we will discuss it later. Also, you need some essential equipment’s like finger print device, Computer or Laptop, mobile, webcam etc.


The first question that hits, what will be the benefit to us when we become Fino Bank? Let discuss all benefits and all the services present inside Fino Bank. If you take CSP and provide any service from Fino CSP then you will earn some commission. Most agents earn good commission from this portal.


We will discuss commission segment here. Before starting we want to tell you that FINO PAYMENT BANK CSP changes the commission chart time to time. But the commission chart that is presently available, we are providing you here, here you will get an idea about service basis commission offered by Fino Payment Bank. Apart from this, you are requested to check the official website of FINO PAYMENT BANK CSP once for any new information.

fino aeps commission chart


TypesParticular3K Model30K Model50k Model
Account OpenSaving Account101010
Account OpenCurrent Account202020
Account OpenSaving Account354040
Account OpenCurrent Account556060
TransactionCash Deposit0.1% Max 150.1% Max150.1%Max 15
TransactionCash Withdraw0.1%Max 150.1%Max 150.1%Max 15
TransactionFund Transfer555

Fino payment bank AEPS commission-

Withdral amountcomission
Up to 10001.8
Up to 20003.6
5000 and up9.0/-

Benefit to open Fino Payment Bank CSP:

  • By opening Fino Payment Bank Csp, you can provide all the services of Fino Payments Bank nearest to you. You can act as a bank of Fino Payments Bank.
  • FINO PAYMENT BANK CSP offers you the chance to become a BC agent with which you can earn a decent income. The following types of benefits are offered in Fino Payment Bank CSP.
  • Attractive commission on every transaction
  • Single Account Settlement: Benefit of all banking transactions and settlements in a single account
  • Exalted status: Earn the honor of being a banker

Fino Payments Bank CSP Benefit?

As a Fino payment bank CSP owner you can provide below services to your customer.

  • Account Opening
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Cash deposit
  • Mini statement
  • Balance inquiry
  • money transfer
  • International money transfer
  • Account Opening: Current and Savings Account
  • Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS)
  • Cash at Point of Sale (POS)
  • bill payment
  • Mobile / DTH Recharge
  • Cash Management Services (Multiple Clients)
  • Travel Bookings (Be it for air travel/ rail travel/ hotel accommodation)

Fino Payment Bank CSP Online Apply Eligibility:

  • To become a Fino Payment Bank Csp Agent, you must be 18 years of age or older.
  • To become a Fino Payments Bank Agent, you must have a shop.
  • You must have a laptop or mobile
  • You must have 1 finger print device

Document Requirement Fino Payment Bank CSP:

To open FINO PAYMENT BANK CSP, you have to provide the following documents

  • Aadhaar Card or Driving License or Voter Card
  • Pan card
  • Passport Photo (recent picture)
  • Mother’s name
  • Valid e-mail ID
  • Phone number

Fino Bank Merchant Online Apply | Fino CSP Opening Process:

To open Fino CSP Fino Bank Merchant, first of all you have to visit Fino official website of FINO PAYMENT BANK CSP.

After opening the website you will see the contact us click on it.

After that you will see the number(022 6868 1414) of Fino Payment Bank CSP, you have to call these numbers.

After this, you will also see the application form for taking FINO PAYMENT BANK CSP here, you also have to fill this application form.

Fino payment bank CSP officer will contact you after filling the application form and you will be given its BC point

Fino Bank Merchant Online Apply By Distributer

Also you can get Pino payment bank CSP ID by contacting any distributer. You can search internet or you can visit fino Payment Bank official website.

Fino Payment Bank ATM Services:

In India, Fino Payment Bank Is Coming In Very Fast Discussion. This Payment Bank Provides You Cash Withdrawal Cash Deposit Balance Inquiry B2b And B2c Services. There Is Also A Service To Offer You Mini ATM Which Provides You With Mini ATM Service. You Can Provide The Service Of Withdrawing Money From The Bank To Your Customers By Installing This Mini ATM Service In The Nearest Area Of Your Village.

To Avail Of This ATM Service, You Have To Contact The Nearest Fino Payment Bank Distributor Or Directly With The Bank, After Which A Merchant ID Is Created In Your Name. After Becoming A Merchant ID You Can Take A Fino Payment Bank And With It- Along With The ATM Service Is Also Provided To You, Keep In Mind That They Have To Pay Only Once And There Is No Monthly Charge.

About Fino Payment Bank:

Fino Payments Bank start it’s journey from 2006 and today this bank is also registered by RBI bank of India. The parent company FINO PAYMENT BANK LTD is an idea innovator and implementer of technology solutions for institutions such as banks, governments and insurance companies. We are a combined business and banking technology platform with a broad business distribution channel. As an alternative banking channel, we enable end-to-end customer sourcing and servicing. Our business model provides strong in-house technology, versatility of operations, channel scale and customer insights. The challenges of serviceability and scalability of traditional banking channels have been addressed through innovation. In ten years, we have touched the lives of over 100 million customers through more than 25000 touch points in 499 districts across 28 states in India.

Fino Payment Bank FAQ?

What is Fino Payment Bank?

A-Fino Payment Bank is a financial services provider bank approved by RBI, where all types of banking related services are provided for its customer. Fino Payment Bank is a payment bank recognized by Reserve Bank of India.

Q-What is Fino Payment Bank CSP?

A-Fino Payment Bank is a short form of CSP Bank. Where all the services of Fino Payment Bank are provided. If you want to become a Fino Payment Bank merchant, then you too can avail all the services of Fino Payment Bank.

Q- Can Fino Payment Banks open an account in CSP?

A-Yes, if you take Fino Payment Bank CSP, you are provided with account opening service here. You can open Fino Payment Bank account here.

Q- Do we get passbook and debit card when we open an account with Fino Payment Bank?

A- Yes, if you open your account in Fino Payment Bank, then you will receive ATM card and passbook as well.

Q- From where will Fino Payment Bank BC agents obtain ATM card and passbook kit?

A- When you become a Finno Payment Bank Agent, you have to order online from your ID. After that this kit is sent to your address via courier.

Q- Can we install mini ATM machine with Finno Payment Bank.

A-Yes, if you become a fino payment bank merchant, then you can get a mini ATM device installed at your shop.

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