Fundamentals of Computer

Today’s world is information-rich. without computing device it was not possible. Computer fundamentals gives basic and advance knowledge about computer system. it is necessary because you will get the fundamental knowledge which will help in future learning.

What is Computer?


A Computer is an electronic device that takes Instruction/data in the form of input and gives output after processing it. Computer solve complex problems easily.

Functionalities of a Computer

Step 1 – Takes instructions as input ( From- Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Mic, etc.).
Step 2 – Stores the instructions in its memory ( RAM).
Step 3 – Processes the data and converts it into information (CPU).
Step 4 – Generates the output, if required store it (Monitor, Printer).

  • ALU : Arithmetic Logic Unit is a digital circuit used to perform arithmetic and logical operations.
  • CU: Control Unit directs the operation of processor and the system.

Advantages of Computers

  1. High Speed- Computer is a very fast device. Capable to calculate millions instructions per second.
  2. Accuracy- computers are very accurate. The calculations are 100% error free.
  3. Storage Capability- A computer has much more storage capacity. It can store large amount of data such as text, images, audio, videos, etc.
  4. Reliability- A computer is a reliable machine. It can work continuously without any error. A computer is a very versatile and flexible in performing the jobs to be done. Modern electronic components have long lives.
  5. Automation- Automation is the ability to perform a given task automatically. Computer is an automatic machine.

Disadvantages of Computers

  1. No I.Q.- Computer can not take any decision on its own. Each instruction has to be given by user. It is a machine that has no intelligence to perform any task.
  2. Dependent- Computer can only perform instructions given by user.

Applications of Computer

Today almost all fields uses computers. without computing device we can’t imagine todays world. Here are few sectors uses computer-

Education- CBE (Computer Based Education) is the modern education method. Computer helps in providing a lot of facilities/tools in the education system. CBE involves control, delivery, and evaluation of learning.

Healthcare- Computers have become an important part in hospitals, labs, and dispensaries. Used to keep the record of patients and medicines. It is also used in Patient, Lab, Pharma Information system. Like scanning and diagnosing different diseases. ECG, EEG, ultrasounds and CT scans, etc.

Defense system- Now Computers are the main part of defense (military, navy, Police etc.). Modern tanks, missiles, smart weapons, aircraft etc. uses computer system for communication, control and operation purpose

Communication- It is a way to deliver an information from one location to another location. some useful categories are: E-mail, Chatting, Video-conferencing, Social networking etc.

Government- Computers play an important role in government services. Today we receive most govt. services digitally. Some major categories are: Weather forecasting, Computerization of voters lists, Income tax, PAN card department, Aadhar Card etc.


Banking Services- Bank services are fully depend upon communication. Today all transaction are made by computer system. There is

Computer Fundamentals Mock Test

Learn about computer generation before appearing this online mock test.

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