Components of Computer

We can divide computer into different categories like Personal computer, Workstation, Mini computer etc.

Components of computer

Components of Computer

Motherboard: It is main circuit board of the computer that connects different parts (CPU, RAM, HDD) together.


CPU: It is the main processing unit of Computer, which can process any given instruction. It is also called “Brain of Computer”. Intel First develop 4004 CPU.


RAM: It is the primary memory of Computer. It is volatile memory. Robert Dennard was first invent Random Access Memory.

Hard Disk

HARD DISK: It is the main storage unit of Computer (secondary memory), we store all data and operating in this device. Invented by team IBM led by Rey Johnson.

KEYBOARD: It is a input device of computer, by which we can insert any input signal to the computer system through typeing or pressing a Key.

MOUSE: It is an input device of computer, by which we can move computer cursor on the screen. Overall it is pointing device.


MONITOR: It is an output device by which we will get display of given task to the computer.

SMPS- Switch Mode Power Supply, supply power to computer components.

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