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Cisco CLI mode and basic commands you must know.

Here we will discuss about router mode and most used show commands. After booting a router enters into user EXEC mode first. Obviously after giving any credentials if configured earlier. CLI stands for command line interface, most administrators like this mode for configuring the router.

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Different Router mode and explanation-

Router ModeCommand Explanation
Router>User EXEC Mode, Limited viewing of configuration. You can’t make changes in this mode.
Router#Privileged EXEC mode, can see the configuration and move to make changes.
Router(config)#Global configuration mode. This indicates that you can start making changes.
Router(config-if)#Interface command Mode, configure details of a router ports like IP information.
Router(config-subif)#Sub interface mode, assign multi IP to single physical port.
Router(config-line)#Line command Mode, configure detail about lines like- console, vty, aux etc
Router(config-router)#Router Mode, configure routing and protocols.
Configuration mode of CISCO IOS

Router basic configuration commands-

Routers most essential commands used to setup a router first.

Command setCommand explained
Router# logout / exitLogout or one step back
Router# setupEnters startup mode from command line
Router# clock set 15:16:00 24 July 2020Configure the time and date
Router(config)# clock timezone EST –5Sets the time zone
Router# terminal history size 25Set previous keyboard shortcuts number.
Router# no terminal history size 25Sets the history buffer default to 10 commands.
Router(config)# no ip domain-lookupTurns off trying to automatically resolve an unrecognized command to a local host name
Router(config)# banner motd # welcome to router #Message of the day, Banner shows before enable -router start
Router(config)# banner login # welcome to router #show banner message In login time -telnet
Router(config)# line console 0
Router(config-line)# logging synchronous
Logging synchronous-if any display message appear from router, move command to next line.
Router(config)# line console 0
Router(config-line)# exec-timeout 10 0
Set console time out 10 minutes 0 seconds. 0 0 for no terminal time out.
Router(config)# ip host kolkata a host name to the IP address. Ping name to check work.
Commands you must remember

Essential Show commands of router-

Show Commands it will show various configuration information’s. Here is some useful show commands, Later we will see more information.

Command setCommand explained
Router# show ?Lists all show commands available.
Router# show interfacesDisplays statistics for all interfaces.
Router# show interface serial 1/0Displays statistics for the specific interface serial 1/0 port.
Router# show ip interface briefDisplay Information of all ports status.
Router# show controllers serial 1/0Displays statistics for interface hardware. clock rate is set and if the cable is DCE, DTE, or not attached.
Router# show clockDisplays time set on device.
Router# show hostsDisplays local host-to-IP address cache.
Router# show usersDisplays all users connected to device.
Router# show historyDisplays the history of commands used at this edit level.
Router# show arpDisplays the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) table.
Router# show protocolsDisplays status of configured Layer 3 protocols.
Router(config)# do show running-configExecutes the privileged-level show command
Show command is very impotent.

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